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Netflix Premium 4K UHD

🚫 Changing password or creating PIN profiles will lose your account 🤷‍♀️

🚫 Please do not resell or share the account as it has a limited number of users. Adding another person to the account will cause it to stop functioning.

⛔ Don’t use a VPN

👌 Do you want to watch comfortably without any problem? Just follow these rules to avoid facing problems while viewing and to save us from having to change the password again.

⚠Remember to follow these rules so as not to lose your Guarantee ⏱

=========== Follow the rules ===========

📌Do not change or share account password.

📌Do not edit or create pin profiles.

📌Don't watch on multiple devices at once.

👌It is recommended not to change the language in the profile.

🤷If you don't follow the rules you will lose your account.

💬 If you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to contact us on the chat available on the site and we will try to respond to you as soon as possible.


① You receive and open the invitation in your emails. Now click on the “Accept invitation” button. 👀📩

💡② After accepting, if you already have a Spotify account (with your playlists and music), continue with it.

💡 If you don't yet have an account, simply create one now to join the Spotify family. 💻

③ Enter the postal address.

❗ The address must be the same as the one sent. it will be provided to you via your email. 📬

④ Click “Confirm Address” then “Open Spotify”.

It's done ! Each member of a Spotify Family subscription has their own sub-account, with their preferences and personal identifiers. 🎧


ℹ️ Only certain devices can be activated via a "TV code". Make sure you use an authorized device to take full advantage of your access.

✅ Possible devices: Smart TV, Internet Box, Multimedia players (Blu-Ray,...) and Game consoles.

❌ Non-compatible devices: Computer, smartphone and tablet.

As soon as you join the subscription you can activate your device. The procedure to follow is as follows:

① Install and open the Prime Video app on your TV or device.

② Once installed, head to the Sign in icon, then select Register on the Prime website.

③ You arrive on this screen: take the TV code that is displayed and send us the TV code via the Website's messaging system.

NB: We will be notified by email of your message.

④ Once we have activated your device you can now access the profiles home page. Click on the + and follow the steps until you complete the creation of your own profile.

And that's it, it's done! Enjoy all Prime Video content at the best possible price thanks to ProjectX 🍿

For other accounts you can log in using the identifiers that we will give you. For all requests for information, do not hesitate to use the site chat at the bottom right of your screen.
If you want other accounts you can also use the chat to ask us if we have what you are looking for.