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I just had my very first failed Mastodon upgrade. Woohoo! I feel like a real admin now.

Spent the weekend building up elves but end up breaking the whole thing. Try again tomorrow.

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I’m on a group chat with people speaking French (I don’t speak it) and they keep saying “mooooo” and I can’t tell if that’s an actual word in French or they are just cow enthusiasts.

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Apparently there are no classifications for video games falling between AAA and B (nor any below B)? There are no AA games, A games, C games, S games, &c.

If I listed out the games that I've played the most or that had the biggest impact on me or that I've had the most fun with, I'd probably have to go pretty far down any of those lists before hitting a AAA title (then again, I've genuinely enjoyed games that I'll readily admit are not good games).

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I feel like I'm in a romantic comedy unknowingly falling in love with someone.

Except the someone is a something and it's the fediverse and decentralization.

I’ve just downloaded Dust wonder if it’s any good?

Anyone uses a privacy chat or something that is able to hide chat from your phone itself? Some people say whatsapp but I dun trust Facebook enough.

What should I do this weekend?

1) Build another Instagram Service
2) Build a Bitcoin service

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It's #WinsDay folks!
What are your wins? Land a small robot on a planet over 56 million kilometers away? Did you roll over in bed and get more comfy?
Share your wins and spread the positivity!

I think there’s a ton lesser auto toots auto boosts auto posts auto engagement here and a lot more good old typing.

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We now allow monthly interest free payments as one of our payment options! Purchase your privacy, security, and freedom focused laptop on an easy month by month payment plan. #DemandFreedom #LibreDesktop

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Why I use each app for:
Facebook - Contact book for family
LinkedIn - Professional connections and info
Twitter - Broadcast random snippets
Mastodon - Discover new things and join random interesting convos
Instagram - To make my pictures beautiful for FB and to cater to people who just want see pictures of how much fun I’m having.

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Good morning! Deactivated my personal Twitter account yesterday. And deleted the Mastodon fan page on Facebook, along with the temporary account I had created for it ☺️

If you love to read stuff that you already love and know read it on Twitter. If you wanna read random interesting shit. Get onboard!

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  • Belong to a niche group discussing subject matters like cryptocurrency but Twitter/Facebook seems to be filtering you out?
  • Simply want to have control over your social media followers and profile, and want to be able to move between instances if you didn't like the rules of this instance.

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