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Ming @art10080@projectx.fun

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>complains about slow 2Mbps comcast internet speed on social media

*14 minutes later*

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International meddling in domestic politics + cryptocurrency Show more

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I stand by my decision to invest in potatoes over Bitcoin

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I'm sick and tired of being forced to do free work for Google every time I want to buy a bundle from Humble. I'm logged in, I've bought a ton from you before and I'm not paying minimum price, just let me pay goddamit

Is anyone catching the Silicon Valley series?

Now that World Cup is over. Can’t wait for EPL to start.

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Bill Gates has done infinitely more for humanity thru the Gates foundation than Elon Musk will ever do.

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#Censorship is enabled by proprietary software, repressive states, & complicit tech companies.

How can we fix this?

Three steps:
1. Host a chat app on your #FreedomBox
2. Install clients on your & your friends' devices
3. Chat privately device-to-device through your #FreedomBox

This doesn’t feel right.
is not

The truth is...... Show more

Could change your live forever... Show more

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ActivityPub is still very young, only a couple months old.

Its great to see so much enthusiasm and new projects.

The network effect applies just as it does to traditional silo'd social media platforms.

It's just a matter of time for the fediverse to grow and become mainstream enough to sustain that model while providing a superior experience. #activitypub

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that idea of blockchain, where your programs will be stored forever, able to be called... just fascinating. i know that the whole evm (16k nodes) performance is comparable with a 1999 mobile phone, but... decentralization! for real!

i already use ethereum, matrix and mastodon, now wanna learn ipfs and maybe dat
those are great, _my_ part of the internet is just awesome as long as i don't open links in masto

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It's 💩 like this that makes me ever so thankful we have >1 team member for lollipop cloud.


That's called AMAZING HUMAN right there.
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Instagram & Twitter don't like each other, thats why you can't see IG images in tweets.

Mastodon/Pleroma & Anfora/Fontina/Pixelfed embrace each other, thanks to federation and the fact that we are open source projects.

I think thats pretty awesome. #activitypub

Basically only other countries have been taken out of the equation. American companies still take up 12 slots.