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Was trying to promote a free data service on mainstream social media but didn’t get any attention until I put Zlatan on it.


What if people stopped charging for public data and made data services free.

Put up a script on checking up instagrammers data. Put it up for free... I hope it benefits all who are being overcharged by their agencies for public data.


Ok... We're back... That looks more like it...

Oh no... will Germany be out?

Just verified my national betting account online I wonder if they can do the same for banking kyc.

I've been thinking why Ed Sheeran while pleasant sounding is just lame...

Here's the scientific proof.


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Chrome's private browsing is broken

This defeats the purpose of Incognito. If any website is able to tell you're browsing in private mode, then the browser is leaking data that shows it's not private

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Things I did in the last 2 weeks.

1) Delete Facebook Mobile App
2) Get on Mastodon. Arranged an instance. projectx.fun
3) Get LastPass
4) Get VPN
5) Create website to keep up with World Cup Tradition with Family n Friends wc18.projectx.fun
5) Get Keybase
6) Prepare a presentation on Blockchain, Decentralisation and of cos Mastodon.

😂 Can see where this will eventually lead to.....

Anyone has experience with keybase?

Good/Bad/Useless/Life changing?

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It's difficult to tell a good technical team from crap ones and short of that knowledge we can't blame users for choosing the cheaper option.

Either have a data driven way of proving it or let them fail and come back.


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Where's the Tolkien fans at?

Noticed my 1973 copy of The Hobbit has a message on the inside cover.

Can anyone translate?

VAR penalty but it may be too late...

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After getting VPN for the World Cup. Suddenly a freedom of content like never before... EPL I'm back...


I guess it’s not likely that we decentralise search which intent was to centralize the otherwise decentralised internet.

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Lol I just realized the features area of joinmastodon.org hasn't been updated in so long we don't even list custom emojis as a feature!

You may think I'm joking but I think it's a legit powerful selling point, lol

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chat protocol design discussion (long) Show more

Just created my blockstack ID. Wonder if it’s any good the apps seem rudimentary.