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This is the epic table of this World Cup... I lost all my money on Germany... 😭

Crypto stats 

Crap that reminds me when did all my local shops change to chain convenience stores no wonder a can of coke cost $2 instead of 50c. We really need to block chains.

France vs Argentina 

They say that Singapore is boring... But really? Come during 6-8th July and meet innovators, cosplayers, gamers, artists, creators, writers, drone racers from all over the region.

If you are coming feel free to use promo code FAMFRIENDS or FAMFRIENDSTENT if you are getting a tent.

Most importantly contact me! :)

I'm just generally interested in tech projects and how people are working on alternative projects fueled by passion. I love working with technology and using technology to enable and connect people in their endeavors.

A community I'm actively involved with is .

Founded in April 2009, we are 100% Community-Created. Express your passion for ideas and inspiration with millions of people around the world and in Singapore.

Don't mind me...... Today I just felt like posting the elephant... 🤪

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