Went to a weirdly fun place today. It was an open karaoke bar with people dancing but also with darts and also with arcade machines and pool tables and then there are also private karaoke rooms. It’s like 5 different bar concepts into one.

Coffee break while on leadership course.

If you love dogs...


Played till I managed to do level 15.

Should I make this game harder?

How does anyone follow conversations on telegram?

Sun is so bright even my curtains can’t stop it. Blinded by the sunlight.

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Basically only other countries have been taken out of the equation. American companies still take up 12 slots.

We don’t have a National space program but we have a private space project by volunteers.

This is the epic table of this World Cup... I lost all my money on Germany... 😭

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Crap that reminds me when did all my local shops change to chain convenience stores no wonder a can of coke cost $2 instead of 50c. We really need to block chains.

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