Why I use each app for:
Facebook - Contact book for family
LinkedIn - Professional connections and info
Twitter - Broadcast random snippets
Mastodon - Discover new things and join random interesting convos
Instagram - To make my pictures beautiful for FB and to cater to people who just want see pictures of how much fun I’m having.

@art10080 I do wanna see the federated/decentralized alternatives gain more spotlight and put pressure on the centralized mainstream options

@btcprox For the everyday guy it will come back to purpose. I like the conversations at Mastodon. Reminds of early days Twitter. Not the ad + data mine one we see today.

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Decentralised Twitter means better control for users and administrators.

Want to join a community that is connected to hundreds of others and about a million users? is part of the Mastodon network. A decentralised network of about a million users.

  • Want to reach different segment of about a million users?
  • Getting drowned out by cat videos?
  • Tired of having your posts restricted to get you to buy sponsored posts?
  • Belong to a niche group discussing subject matters like cryptocurrency but Twitter/Facebook seems to be filtering you out?
  • Simply want to have control over your social media followers and profile, and want to be able to move between instances if you didn't like the rules of this instance.

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Mobile Apps

We don't have our own mobile app yet but being part of a decentralized network also means you can use anyone's app. Here's what we recommend.

Amaroq - IOS

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Tusky - Android

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If you don't want our recommendation and just want to do you own thang